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MODart is a team of young Uruguayans that seeks to explore and legitimize body art through different disciplines.

The initiative emerges as a result of a thesis for the Uruguayan Art School. The photographic record of the thesis counts with three parts, exposing different body art disciplines. In the third and last part, the first suspension in Uruguay took place.
Since Uruguay has been part of the countries where these disciplines are practiced, professionals from abroad begun to be interested in the possibility of developing this field in our country. Likewise, curiosity among people within out scene increased.

As a team, our objective is to inform and spread out these disciplines that due to its nature, are difficult to comprehend by the general public.

Our initial goal, was to achieve the First Suspension Event in Uruguay, called 'HOOKED'.
Our future goal is to widen and divulge information regarding these artistic expressions, as well as the planning of future events.

Direction & General Production:
Ignacio Avellanal
& María Perez

Photography: María Pérez
BFA Degree in Photography & Fashion Design

Universidad de la República & UDE University

Graphic Design: Matías Saravia

BDes Degree in Graphic Design
ORT University

First AIDS: Laura Santos
BNurs Degree in Nursery
Universidad de la República

Valentina Brena
BS Degree in Anthropological Sciences
Universidad de la República

Marcelo Silva
BFA Degree in Visuals & Plastic Arts
Universidad de la República

Ricardo Da Rosa
BComn Degree Student in Journalism
Universidad de la República



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