Once again we want to congratulate the participants, thank the artists' collaboration (Valnei, Max and Paulo) and the production team. Without them, this wouldn't have been possible.Furthemore, we would like to thank the factory for their trust and for facilitating us their work space.

We are extremely happy for the chemistry that was generated and that everything took place in time and manner.

What is HOOKED?
It was the first uruguayan suspension event.

What is a Suspension?
Getting "suspended" is basically the act of levitating one body through hooks that pull from your skin and are connected to a frame, which is managed by a system of ropes and pulleys. This discipline's origin is deep within the North American native's history. Nowadays, suspensions are more related to performing arts, where the body is used as its tool.

Article and pictures of the First suspension in Uruguay.
For further information: www.pielmag.com & www.bmezine.com

Industrial abandoned area. The exact location will be given exclusively to the participants.

27th and 28th June, 2009.

How was it?
It was a private event, in order to assure a friendly environment emphasizing the confort and experience.
Suspensions were handled by professionals with great experience (Valnei from Pernambuco, Brazil with the assistance of Paulo and Max) within delicate control and supervision.
A First Aid team was there just in case.

Do you want to get HOOKED?
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